Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So, the wedding has come and gone.  Everyday I thought about my original plan to make a small post every day through the whole process, logging away small memories and things we did, and the days came and went faster than I could even find time to open my laptop. Along with not finding any time to even open my computer, picking up my camera was almost as infrequent, but I did manage to grab a few shots everyday.  So I thought this first Wedding post I would share what we did Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Once I get my pictures back from my photographer (who ended up being the greatest Craigslist find on the planet), I will share the extravaganza of the wedding day, but that probably won't be until we get back from our honeymoon.  Save the best for last kind of thing.

Wednesday: Food
So we arrived at my parents house Tuesday night at about 11pm so we didn't get anything done that night.  The giant tent was already set up, so my mom had set up a little champagne toast under the tent for when we arrived.  It was really sweet, but unfortunately I have no pictures to share, just the memories for my parents and us.

Wed morning, Kam and I headed to the court house in Montesano to get our marriage license, then it was off to Costco and Winco to do some serious shopping.  No pictures that day either.

Thursday: Chop Chop Chop
LeeAnne (a loved family member with no title) was the first to arrive with large bowls and knives and her game face on.  Kam's mom Cathy came shortly after.  The four of us chopped massive amounts of broccoli, potatoes, celery, onions, cheese and everything else that went into the salads.  Kam and our dads volunteered to fry the bacon and sausage, which was done outside away from female supervision. I have to wonder how much less meat went into the salads and baked beans than was originally planned. We started about 9:00 am and finished around 5:30 pm.  About 160 burger patties were produced that day, as well as 160 hot dogs rammed onto sticks for the corn dogs (a big hit by the way). We also began the first parts of the decorating that night. I'm sure there was much more that went on that is escaping my memory right now, but needless to say, it was a productive day.

Friday: Treats 
Two of my favorite people that I like to call my sisterfriends came to help out.  They were the first to arrive with helping hands. Kam's mom and sister also helped in the sugar coated kitchen.  My mom spent friday as her last day in the flowers. We dipped, filled, frosted, sprinkled, and sampled.  Sugar rush city.  But the desserts came out beautiful.  Later that day my brother and his family arrived and helped with the decorating. Much more family and friends visited as well.

There are probably 100 details I missed from the first few days that other people would remember as their highlights.  Lots of funny moments and wonderful memories were made.  Thank you to everyone that helped out in pulling our wonderful wedding together.  I thanked everyone so many times that they all told me I wasn't allowed to thank them anymore.  Ha.  Once last time.  Here is a picture recap from those days (at least the few pictures that I got).

The lonely tent on Wednesday morning. You can see the table from our champagne toast the night before.

Thursday morning. Kam, LeeAnne, Cathy, my mom.

My mom made aprons for everyone that helped out.  Here she is wearing her's and the awesome baseball one she made for kam.

I love the steam around my dad and LeeAnne from the giant pot of boiling potatoes or noodles.

Burgers and soaking beans.

Dex decided to roll in poop on Wednesday, so he got himself a bath.

The sunflowers were so beautiful! 

My moms mixer that was older than I am, and has made many wedding cakes over the years finally died.  Heather (sisterfriend) was mixing up some frosting when it started smoking. All she could say was "don't tell mom!!!" But my mom was happy that its last wedding was mine!  It was really funny!

Friday night pizza!

Saturday morning decorating.

Hens and chicks for the tables.

One sneak peak of us in our wedding clothes.  It's the only good photo I have right now.

Next up...day one of our honeymoon. Hope you got the gist of the wedding prep.  It was so much fun, tiring and crazy, but so fun!!  

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  1. Yay! Everything was so beautiful and perfect :D

    I totally took that last photo on your camera...haha Kam told me to take some photos throughout the day...but I didn't get very far with that lol