Monday, September 19, 2011

Honeymoon - Day 9 & 10

Ok, so we are long home from our oh so wonderful honeymoon.  I figured that I made it thus far with the blog updates that I better finish it out.  After we arrived at Seatac we had plans with my parents to go fishing in Seiku for 2 days.  It was a bit of a gear shift from typical honeymoon behavior, but we both really wanted to catch a big ol' salmon.

We arrived back in Seattle around 2:30 on Thrusday, grabbed our car from the park and ride and took off for the Edmonds/Kingston ferry just outside Everett.  The trip up to Seiku took about 4 hours.  We were planning on tent camping for 2 nights and my parents were in their camper, but the rain came and we had no tarp to keep our tent from getting all damp and yucky.  So when my dad woke Kam up at 7am on Friday to try the morning bite, my mom and I rented us a cabin.  A very rustic fishing cabin.  It was so much fun and we were glad to have a place to hang out at night that was warm and dry.

No fish came home with us that day, but Kam did officially catch his first salmon.  Unfortunately it was a native silver and you could only keep hatchery fish at the time. We fished Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, left Seiku around 11 on Friday and went to spend the night in Hoquiam and pick up our pup.  We were home in Spokane on Saturday evening and had all Sunday to unpack and relax.

Our honeymoon was just want we wanted.  A little hiking, a little pampering, a lot of yummy beer, tons of fun and laughs, all mixed up with some spontaneity.  It was great on the trip back to Spokane to try and remember what we did each day.  I'm so glad I took the time to share our trip with everyone, it gives us a place to check back in the future to remember all the fun times we had on our trip.  Still waiting on wedding photos from my awesome photographer.  I should be kicking back into cook mode here soon.  Still have a few things to finish up around the house.  Thanks for reading along!

Good morning.

Reeling that big fish in!

Here it is...the long waited for fish!

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