Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Honeymoon - Day 7 & 8

Well Vegas got the best of me when it came time to the daily update.  But man did we have fun.  We have been all over this city.  Monday we had a breakfast buffet (you can't go to Vegas without going to at least one buffet) then walked from the New York New York (where we stayed) down to Caesar's Palace and hit up the forum shops.  Last time I was in Vegas with my mom, we sat at the Keno bar at Caesar's and drank bloody mary's and played keno, so Kam and I kept that tradition alive.  So fun and the bloody mary's are good too!  Then Monday night we decided we wanted to go to the Knights show at the Excalibur.  So tacky but fun.  Why wouldn't you want to eat a mini chickens with your hands and hoop and holler at a bunch of guys in silly costumes riding horses.  We were Norway.  We lost.

Tuesday we went to the aquarium at Mandalay Bay Casino.  In Vegas now there are what look like Slurpee stands every where you go.  But oh no, those are not slurpee stands, they are frozen booze stands.  Kam made a commitment the minute he saw them that he was going to hit one of those up.  They even have the tacky 2 foot long cups.  So it must have been about noon and Kam had his first boozie drink.  Then after the aquarium he talked me into having one too.  Those suckers are strong.  So we drank our drinks and walked down the strip grabbing beers from the marts along the way.  We walked all the way to the Venetian then came back and had dinner at a trendy Mexican Grill.  Kam is still talking about his "f'N DELICIOUS" tequila baby back ribs.  He smelled his fingers this morning to make sure they still smelled like bbq.

So here we sit in the airport waiting for our 11:15 flight.  We are off the Seiku to meet my parents toning for salmon fishing for the next two days.  So we wake up in Vegas and we go to bed in a tent in a fishing village.  This will probably be my last post for a few days because there is no way there is going to be free wi-fi floating in the air for me to steal.  Our Kam and Bren customized honeymoon extravaganza is starting to wind down.  We have had an awesome trip, but are looking forward to our little apartment and for life to get back to normal.  We miss our pup too.  I wonder if my work has replaced me for good yet.  Until next time....(probably friday)!

Our amazing view from our corner suite (right, corner box more like it)

Pretty celling decoration in the Bellagio. 

Kam's stylish money clip.  High roll'n!

The first boozie.  The chick sold him on the blue razberry because it matched his shirt.

This is a dude here.  Wouldn't want to get in a fight with this guy!  

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