Monday, September 12, 2011

Honeymoon - Day 6 Update

Ok, so here is the scoop on how we got to Vegas.  

Sunday we knew we were leaving Whistler.  The whole time we had been planning this honeymoon we had up to Whistler planned, we thought we would head over to Naniamo, BC but we were kind of sick of Canada.  Not that Canada isn't beautiful and fun and tons of stuff to do, w e just lived in Friday Harbor for almost 3 years and felt like we had already done this.  We needed something exciting.

So Saturday night we started to get a little bummed about our next move.  We were sitting in our room, around 5 pm, trying to decide where to go next, and I just threw (not seriously at all) that we could go to Vegas.  So Kam jumped, grabbed the computer, and found a good deal.  Booked by 6pm and our flight was at 5:45 the next day.  So here we are in Vegas.  I have some pictures to share for day 7 after tonight.  We are loving our honeymoon.

Ps... Mom don't worry, we wouldn't missing fishing for anything!  See you Wednesday night.

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