Hello, thanks for stopping by don't get your dress dirty.  If you are reading this than you must be wondering something about me.  There is always the long and short version to every story, so I will give you the option for how much you really want to know Take your pick.

The Short Story...
My name is Brenna.  I am an almost wife to my darlin' fella Kameron (with a K, super cool!) and mom to a rambunctious golden retriever name Dexter.  I am a graphic designer by day, and a cook, baker, crafter, part time jogger, lover of all things coffee and now blogger by nights and weekends.

The Long Story...
My name is Brenna, which I love.  Having a unique name is one of the best gifts your parents could ever give you (thanks m&d).  I grew up in a one stop light town near the coast of Washington.  My dream job during high school was to be a graphic designer.  I didn't give that far into the future too much thought, so it was just a dream.  I graduated and moved on to the local community college, where I claimed about 10 different majors and ended up with a general AA.  That's where I met Kameron.

Together, we finished community college, packed up, and moved to Friday Harbor, Wa.  Why Friday Harbor of all places? I have family that has lived on the island my entire life and they gave us jobs.  Perfect.  So off we went.  We had only been a couple for 6 months, but we were in love...so why not.  After about 3 months I ended up working at Roche Harbor Resort, and Kam followed about a year later.  We have nothing but the best of memories from our time there.
Working on the island made us realized that finishing our education was our next priority.  Without even having to talk about which college we would go to, we both knew Eastern Washington University was our one and only choice.  So I started shopping for a major.  It took about 3 minutes.   Visual Communication Design.  Done.  We applied, we got in, we went.

So after graduating and finished up that phase, we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to move into my parents house in the one stop light town while we searched for jobs.  They were enjoying the Arizona sun for the winter (we graduated in December) so we spent about 6 months looking for work in Western Washington.  Fail.  I ended up getting a great job at a small marketing company in Spokane.  So back we went.

So to wrap it all up.  The more time I spent at work being creative, the more I just couldn't get enough.  It started with a total redecorating of our apartment, most of which was hand crafted in one way or another.  Then once I ran out of space for all that, I turned to my other love, cooking.  The blog just naturally came next.  I really hope you enjoy reading my posts.  I must be honest and tell you that my cooking style is typically more of a "dump cook", so measurements have been the biggest challenge for me.  I really appreciate it if you took the time to read the whole story, and even more that you are taking the time to read my blog.

XX Brenna

This was the view from our apartment in Friday Harbor.  We watched the ferry boats come and go.
At Coulee Dam a few days before school started.  I chopped my hair!

Taken in January after graduation.  We had Dex one day in this photo.

More photos to come!