Thursday, January 30, 2014

52 weeks

Hello. Finally, I've given myself a new project to get me posting again. So much has changed with us sense my last update. But really, not much new is going on at the same time. Hazen is learning and growing so much every day. His little personality is showing up in full force now. Everything is a dog, all animals say moo and my name is dada. He loves food. Loves it! Kam is always asking me "didn't you just feed that kid?" Being a mom is so right.

So the new project. Not really a new concept, just a new venture for me. I decided to do the 52 week photo project. Every weekend I take a new pic of Hazen. They're pretty random, I don't really have a plan on the type of photos of him, just whatever strikes me at the time.  So far, I'm pretty happy with where they're going. I plan on posting them monthly.

Hope everyone's 2014 is starting out healthy and happy. Enjoy the pics!

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