Sunday, January 27, 2013

Who can resist baby smiles?

Not this momma. As I type this post, Hazen is crashed in his carrier and I have done just about everything thing around the house that I can do while wearing a baby.  So, I thought I would put together a post of all the cute little shots of his sweet smile that I've captured over the last couple of months. 

And sense he's still sleeping, I thought I'd include some links to recipes I've tried out over that last few months that I thought were most delicious...(no pictures)

Cranberry Chutney (this was amazing at Thanksgiving!)
Gooey Brownies (with homemade mocha ice cream for my mom's birthday.  You had to forget your calories for a day with this one!)
Spaetzle (Kam got me a spaetzle maker for christmas after we tried German food trying to coax Hazen outta my tummy.  We tried all types of different foods that week to see if some nationality's cuisine would get him excited.  At the moment we are boiling a chicken to make spaetzle chicken soup.)
Cabbage Rolls (I loosely followed this recipe.)
And my latest cooking obsession is homemade granola bars.  I don't have a recipe to share for that one. I've been just making it up as I go.  On my third batch...I'm getting pretty good.

Oh, and Hazen is waking up.  Thanks for hanging out with me while he slept :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

3 months

Still growing...such a cute little sheriff.
Whats Hazen up to these days? 
Well he's discovered his hands and that they can reach for things.
Starting to talk a little more consistantly now. 
He thinks its pretty funny when momma tries to eat his tummy and is getting his squeal giggle down pretty good. 
He loves loves baths! (I will share some bath photos soon.)
The bumbo is pretty cool, but not as cool as being held.
He's sleeping 4 to 4 and a half hour stretches. (Not every day tho)
Just fun stuff like that. I will have weight and height states with next months photo.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Family Pictures

How's the week? I thought today would be a good day to share our first family photos.  These are the real photos that I was hiding from our moms.  We had them taken when Hazen was 4 weeks old. I actually contacted the same photographer that shot Kam and my wedding photos.  She has family here in Spokane so I checked with her on the small chance she would be in our area before Christmas. Well it was a good thing I did because she was here that following Sunday.  Luck I tell ya.
(Krystan, if your reading this, the pictures came out wonderful! Thank you so much!)

I think these were the last few days that Hazen still had that tiny new born look.  He started to plump up just after these were taken.  I really wanted to capture that brief moment in time when he was so small and delicate. I'm so happy I had them taken.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

No more hiding...

Hello you. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season this year.  I sorta miss wrapping presents and listening to Christmas music while dancing around with my little love.  I have a ton of photos of Hazen and us as a family to share that go all the way back to the first cute little hat photo I posted forever ago.  I said I had more for later, and I meant it.  I just had to keep them all a secret until after Christmas.  Hazen's grammas got lots of pictures this year.  So even though he is 12 weeks today, I'm going to start from where I left off.  Here are the rest of his 3 week pics. I seriously never get tired of looking at them.

I was really happy with how these turned out.  If anyone is having a little bundle of love, I'd be overjoyed to take pictures like this for you. Or family shots, whatever.  Anyways, keep checking back here and there.  I'll be posting lots more of this little fella.  Oh, I think I might start using my istagram account more if you'd like to follow. Find me under brennawoody.  Creative, I know.