Saturday, December 15, 2012

Growing Boy!

Well, I'm a month late on one and a day late on the other. My baby is growing. He is the best little thing that has ever come into my life.  Kam being the best big thing. I love being a momma. So far, here's some of the random things I've learned... 
1. Appreciate your own parents. (especially your mom)
2. Going to the Dr. because your paranoid is ok.
3. Accept what you cannot control.
4. Saline mist is a life save. (thanks again Jo)
5. Mornings are happy, evenings are grumpy.
6. Sleep is good, but 3:00am snuggles and smiles are good too.
7. Laugh at yourself and what your putting yourself through. (especially the breast pump)
8. Don't live 6+ hours from your friends and family and have a baby. (if you do, you will miss them more than ever)
9. I'm jealous of stay at home moms.
10. He's changing and growing so fast, savor every cuddle, cry and smile.