Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Honeymoon - Day 2

Well, remember this picture from my previous post...
yeah, we hiked to the top of that today.  Wow, it was a serious hike.  So beautiful and unique, but crazy.  We hiked a little over 655 meters (just over 1200 feet) in a little over a mile.  Phew!  We took lots of breaks on the way up, but the way down we cruised right along.  Our legs were so shaky when we made it back to the car, my muscles were like jello.  But it was so worth it.  

We started that hike at 9am and were back in the room just before 1pm. We came back and just chilled for a while, then went to this cute little open air restaurant for a early dinner that we were recommended by a local guy.  It was right on the river, the color of the water was amazing!  I had some awesome fish tacos, shocking I know!  

Kam had a fantasy football draft at 7:15 with his Ames coworkers, so we decided to spend the evening in the pub down stairs so he could at least draft a few players.  We were already planning on spending a little time in the pub tonight so it just worked out.

No plans for tomorrow yet, but we booked some seriously fun stuff for Whistler today!

Where we started, Shannon Falls.

Kam climbing a set of one of many stairs.

We had to climb straight up on a ladder on the side of the rock wall.  We both mentioned how much our moms would love this.

This part was easier, no stairs, just a chain on a slightly steep rock.

But look at this view...

if you can't read that...."We're staying here"

Thats Kam at the top of the climbing ladder.

View from our early dinner.

My awesome fish taco!

The next two are from the bank of the river at dinner.

Kam getting his Fantasy Football draft on.  I won the sportsmanship award in his league for being on my honeymoon and letting him join the draft.  

View of the pub from our seats.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring yet, but I'll keep you posted!

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