Sunday, September 11, 2011

Honeymoon - Day 5

ZIPLINE!!!!!  or zoom as they called it.  So fun fun fun!  At first when you zip down the first line (after the practice one where they teach you how to land) and you are dropping over some giant valley going 60 mph, on a line they call Godzilla, its a little adrenaline overwhelming. Not to mention Kam was 8 pounds short of the weight limit, and the more you weigh the faster you go. But you quickly get the hang of it.  We had a blast.  I think we would have zipped all over Whistler that day.  There were two company's that do zipline tours in Whistler and we chose the one that had duel lines so we could zip around side by side...although Kam always beat me to the bottom.

As for Whistler, we had fun, but we were happy to leave.  It's like Disneyland for hard core, outdoor sports, super athletic, rich people.  None of which we really are.  We had some ok food, alright beers for too much money.  We are glad we went and were happy to go. Onto the next adventure....but check out these awesome zipline and Whistler Village photos first!

Kam getting all geared up to zip away!

The view from one of the lines.

Running man going in for a landing.

The ultimate tourist photo in Whistler.

Honeymoon to be continued....

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