Wednesday, June 1, 2011

it's a...

MOOSE, as he slams on the brakes, throws the car into reverse, and everything in the back seat goes flying.  We were on a country gravel road somewhere outside of Cheney early Monday evening, so there was no one around.  We were driving around looking for a nice little spot to take a few couples photos for our wedding invites when we came across this young moose fellow.  Luckily the camera was in arms reach so Kam got a few good shots of the him.  We seem to see moose around this area once or twice a summer, which is really cool, me thinks.

As for the photo, we found 2 great spots but didn't get one photo.  The first spot that we had planned to go to was all fenced in and 100 no trespassing signs all over.  And the second we came across was this beautiful field with all these wild sun flowers and some sort of purple flower.  We were going to get into the middle of the field and take the pics.  When we got out to the perfect spot, we were standing there for a whole 30 seconds when we realized we were being full on attacked by vicious hungry mosquitoes.  I literally grabbed my camera and tripod and RAN back to the car.  Mosquitoes love me more than the average person.  A few summers ago, we were camping and I had sprayed so much Deep Woods Off on my feet (I know this is bad, but I was desperate) that they were sticky, and those evil bugs were biting me through the thick Off.  I had so many bites that my feet swelled up so much that they didn't fit into any of my shoes, even flip flops were too tight.  Bad memory, not sure why I just shared all that.

Anyways, moose are cool...and so are you!

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