Friday, June 10, 2011

Dress Love

So I love dresses, skirts too, but dresses are my go to (bet you couldn't have guessed that).  Especially with summer on the way.  Most of the blogs that I follow have posts throughout the week that show cute fashion.  I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite sites to shop for dresses.

I thought today I would share the mother ship of the amazing dress world.  Most of you are already aware of this store.  I was wearing a dress one time from this particular store, and a girl asked me where I got it.  So I told her, and she checked them out online.  The next time I saw her she referred them as dress porn.  Appropriate.  This mystery store is none other than Anthropologie.

Aren't they lovely? I would love to get these dirty. 

Wedding invites are almost done, I will post them for you to check out as soon as I know people have received them.  Don't want to ruin it for my readers that are getting one in the mail.  

Sun is out, so ready for it to be 4pm.   Sorry about the lack of posts lately, the pre summer is getting the best of me.


  1. love love love! modcloth is my dress porn go-to site. haha

  2. Dresses are amazing! I totally fell in love with them when I was pregnant. I could not figure out why I never wore them before. Then I got unpregnant and figured it out. While maternity dresses are made for giant boobies, regular dresses are not. Go figure.