Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the dad who never gives up....

on the big fish or the ol' mower!

I am the queen of loosing my fishing gear.  I can get that stuff caught on a log in 500 deep water where there are no logs.  I'm pretty sure he has re-rigged or re-baited my pole more times than anyone should ever have to touch those sticky fish.  Thanks dad for keeping my hands not stinky!

And we must mention my dad's dedication to his 25+ year old John Deere mower.  He will never give up on this mower.  More cuss words have been shed over this thing not starting that could teach any kid how to throw a good string of profanity.  I learned from the best!

And I can't forget my soon to be father-in-law Larry!  He is always up for something goofy.  This is my favorite favorite video to watch when I need a laugh.  Pay attention for the drool.

Happy Fathers day to two great dads!!!  

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