Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Photo Stories - Episode 2

Firsts & Seconds 

I love this Picture.  It brings back so many memories for me, even of things that it doesn't even represent.  This was taken from one of those shuttle boats that take you into port from a cruise ship.  I have never been to Italy, but it just reminds me of something you would find there, the sail boats, the bright colors, homes built into the hill sides.  But, we were in California.  This is Catalina Island.  

Kameron and I had been together almost 2 years when I took this.  It was our first big vacation together.  We were living in Friday Harbor at the time, and the busy summer season had just ended.  So after a long summer of tourist pleasing, we decided it was our turn.  We left Friday Harbor early one morning in Sept and had 3 days to make it to LA, driving, where we had a 4 day cruise booked.  It was my second time on a cruise and Kam's first.  We left from LA and traveled all night to Catalina, where we spent a full day before we had to be back to the ship. It was both of our first times visiting the little island, and we hadn't done too much research on the city, so it was a surprise waking up to the beautiful little town.  We planned a snorkeling excursion for that afternoon. I had been snorkeling a few times as a kid, but it had been years, and Kam had never been before (another first).  We both love swimming and fish so there was no way we were skipping this.  After the snokeling, we had lunch at a little Mexican restaurant that looked over the marina, did a little walking about and shopping, then returned to the ship. Good day.

After Catalina, the cruise continued on to Ensenada Mexico.  Which happened to be Kam's first time in Mexico.  After that, it was one more full day at sea, then back to LA.  The next day after the cruise we spent the day at Disneyland.  Then drove to San Diego for a couple of days.  After San Diego, we traveled up to San Francisco for 2 more days, then headed up the coast for a scenic drive home, which was my first time driving up the California Coast and seeing the giant Redwoods.  It was one of those vacations that was packed full of fun filled adventures, but it was also one that you almost needed a vacation from your vacation.  I have so many wonderful photos from that trip I was hard to choose just one...but I had came across this picture today while looking for something else and was taken back.  Is there anyone who wouldn't want to be floating on on one of those boats right now, sipping a fruity drink and soaking in the sun shine and sea air after this spring we are having.  I needed a little sunshine, even if its only in my memory.  I hope this story takes you back to a vacation that you loved.  Enjoy the rest of your day!

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