Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photo Stories - Episode 1

Ok, so I need something else.  I got the recipe thing down.  By the way, sorry for the sometimes slightly blurry or not so great food shots.  I can't wait for the day that I have a window in my kitchen and better lighting.  Besides blow my photos out with a flash, its as good as its going to get until yet another move. I could craft a little more, but there is a space issue.  A) Finding space to do the craft and B) where to put/keep the craft when its finished.  So massive crafting is out.  Until I have a larger home, then we'll be craft city!  So I thought I would tell a photo story.  I will go through old photo albums on my lap top, or where ever, and tell the story of that particular photo.  Thats my plan as of now.  So maybe once or twice a week, if you are interested, you can read my photo story.

I'm at work right now (it's slow), so I don't have access to any of my photos except for what's on my facebook.  So I went to the first album I ever created, and picked a photo.  There were only about 5 in there, so I didn't have a lot to choose from.  But this one seems appropriate.

New move, New adventure & a New cat

Meet Tuna. The cat that hated us. We got her a few days before we made our big move off to college.  Kam took this photo from the web cam on our laptop, so this would have been taken sometime in late September 2007, just before our first quarter at Eastern.  In our apartment before this in Friday Harbor, we weren't allowed to have pets.  So when we found out we could have a cat in our new one, plus the fact that we wouldn't be working so we would be home to play and snuggle with a kitty, we thought, what the heck!  Let's get a kitten!!  Which grew into a cat.  And when I say the cat that hated us, I really meant it.  Maybe she just knew that we were dog people and resented us for it.  Only one time in the year she was with us did she actually hop up on the couch and snuggle with me (or Kam for that matter).  Every morning when Kam's alarm when off, she would hop up on the bed and lay on his tummy and let him pet her while she purred.  Other than that, she chose her spot on this red chair I had in our living room at the time, and that was it.  That was her Queen Tuna spot.  Thats where she slept, lounged, played.  Whatever.

One time we had a few friends over, and one of the girls sat in Tuna's red chair.  Tuna sat on the floor in front of the girl and just stared at her.  For a while.  I can just image what she would have told her if she could speak.  So eventually she must have decided that this girl wasn't going remove herself from her beloved throne, so instead of laying on the couch with us or the bed, or a normal place a cat would go if they couldn't have their favorite spot...she lays under her chair.  If that girl was going to intrude on her shot, she was going to watch her like a hock.  

I think my favorite story of Tuna would take place most mornings around 7.  Kameron is 6'5" and wears size 16 shoes.  So needless to say, in our queen bed, if he stretches his legs out straight, his big'ol flippers hang off the bed.  Kam is a stomach sleeper for the most part, which means the bottoms of his feet face out.  So every morning Tuna would slip under the blankets that would hang over the bed and wait.  Eventually she knew Kam would stretch those legs out, and his feet would slide over the edge, then WHACK!!  She would jump up and smack the bottoms of his feet, claws out of course.  Kam would start cussing and kicking his feet as hard as he could attempting to kick her on her decent back to the floor, which made the game even more fun for Tuna.  Sometimes she would even come back for seconds.  Kam would fall back to sleep and his feet would wiggle or move and WHACK again.  Blankets would fly.  Kam would get sooooo pissed.  I can't help but crack up right now at the thought of how mad Kameron would get, and how much Tuna loved to hunt his feet.

Tuna is no longer with us now.  We were bad parents and failed to give her her shots, which eventually taught us a big lesson.  I hope you enjoyed my story of Tuna.  I'm not sure how the flow of the Photo Stories is going to go yet, we'll just have to wait and see!


  1. My work is very quiet and somber today. A really important scientist just up and quit. And I felt so rude laughing my butt off at my desk when I read this story but I couldn't help myself :) Too cute.

  2. Tuna sounds like she was such a little turd! She was a cute one tho! :)