Monday, April 25, 2011

Paper "__________" Decorations

I put the "________" because I for the life of me could not think of what to call these.  They aren't stars...any ideas?  I made them a long time ago, and love them.  Everyone who comes to visit always complements me on them.  They are so so so easy to create, and are so fun to hang over your bed or kids bed or anywhere.  I love at night when the lights are off and the shadow they cast from the clock light.

What you'll need:
Around 12 sheets scrap booking paper.  ( Try and get the double sided paper, with designs on both sides.  Also, pick lots of different patterns and colors. The more the merrier!!)
Cutting surface
Exact-o knife
String or Fishing Line

For each "_________" measure the height of your paper.  (My scrap book paper was 12") Cut 2 strips for the outside layer, about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide and the full length of the paper long.  Then pick a different sheet of paper and cut 2 more strips the same width but minus 2 inches off the length, so my second strips were 10".  Then either use the same paper as the first strips or pick a new color and cut 2 more strips at 8".  One more time at 6".  You should have 2 of each size and 4 total lengths.  For the center strip, glue the two pieces together so the same pattern is showing on each side.  This will also give you a stronger base.

Once you have all your strips cut, I cut enough for 8 "________",  grab 2 of each length and stack them from longest to shortest and back to longest.  So one 12" one 10" down to the glued 6" then back to 12".  Make sure your pay attention to the color.  The bottom half you will want your outside color facing down, then after the 6" glued strip, you want the outside color facing up.  Now tap all the pieces so they are flush on on one side and staple them all together.  For the other side, pinch the end of the 6" strip between your thumb and pointer finger.  One at a time grab each strip and line up with the end of the 6" strip.  You should have each strip pinched between your fingers and they should all be flush like the other side.  Put a staple through this end.  Done!  You should now have your first "_________"! Now do that with the rest of your strips until you have as many as you want!

This is why you want double sided paper

Above our bed.

I love them, I hope you love them lots!

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