Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This post will be the "to be continued" from my very first on January 7th (if you've read that far back). I started this blog thing with no expectations.  I knew that I wasn't going to tell anyone, even Kam for a little while, that I was trying out blogging.  Before I was going to tell anyone, I wanted to have a good variety and number of posts built up, so I was going to be my own critic for a while.  I wanted to blog about things that could be useful to people, not so much about me, myself and I.  I had to see if I would I have enough ideas and time to post something new and interesting 3 or 4 days a week.  My plan was to cook and craft.  If I was any good at either of these things, or should I say, if what I created was interesting enough for people to want to read about, then I would begin to let people in on my little secret.

Eventually, Kam became my first real critic.  After not to long he started bugging me to show people.  He even started telling me that if I didn't show someone, he was going to, which made me feel pretty good about the whole thing.  After a few weeks of that, I finally told my ginny pig Mandee Jo.  Then my mom, Kam's family and a few more people.  Good reviews all around.  I had read a post about "10 things I wish I knew about blogging" and the one that stuck out was about how at some point every blogger hates their blog.  Like delete it now kind of hate.  You will go through the feeling that you are wasting your time, and why would anyone want to spend their time reading this stuff.  No matter what, you will feel this way a some point. After reading that I thought to myself, I don't think I will feel that way.  People seem to really enjoy what I have to share, and I was super careful about how I felt about it before I even shared with anyone.  So, the post said to step away for a few days and refrain from that Delete button.  You will come back around.  So, sure enough, it hit me.  And I took the advice from the seasoned blogger, stepped away and came back refreshed.

So what am I rambling about?  I finally hit 50 posts.  I was really surprised it had already been that many.  And I am really enjoying this whole thing.  So, I made a commitment.  Don't get your dress dirty is officially a dot com.  I bought the domain name last night.  So for any of you that are enjoying Brenna's variety show (Mom and Mandee) then your in luck, starting April 26th, I will be blogging for one year (not counting the 5 months that have already gone by).  I'm still not sure where it will go, and I hope I can keep it interesting.  Feel free to share with anyone if you'd like!  We are now

Wish me luck!  Once again, to be continued...

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