Friday, April 1, 2011

I like you

Happy April Fools friends!  Anyone do anything funny to a deserving victim? I decided this morning that I was going to forgo tights for the rest of this winter because it is now April and spring is here and Spokie was supposed to be sunny and warm today.  Then I went our side to start my car, saw the gray clouds out yonder, and marched straight back in the house and put on the first pair of tights I got my hands on.  Sigh.  Can't rush summer.  Sorry legs.

So, now that I just shared something that nobody cares about, here is a new little 8x10 picture for anyone that wants it. WITH, no typos, thank you very much!  Can you see where the artwork came from?  I have it on my wall in my living room.  All my company at one point or another seems to read it and chuckle to themselves.  Hope you like it!

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