Monday, July 18, 2011

Lake Cabin Weekend

I did not cook one thing this weekend.  Not one.  I made a giant batch of the Pea Potato salad and 2 loafs of banana bread on Thursday and off to Newman Lake for a fun filled weekend on Friday.  Some friends of some friends have this quaint little cabin outside of Spokane that sits above a little lake and we were fortunate to be invited to spend the weekend. Dexter swam for basically 2 days straight and did nothing but sleep all day yesterday when we got home. I thought I would share some photos of our weekend sense I have no yummy recipes.

The moon was beautiful Friday night.

Heading on a big adventure.

We made it!!  It was interesting getting Dex onto that dock.

Kam dreaming of dumping me outta my floatie.

Another epic jump by Dexter.

We had a great weekend full of swimming, friends and cheep beers.  It was really nice to get out of the city, relax and have incredible amounts of fun for a few days.  Thank you again to Jarrod and Amy!


  1. Fun!

    I am so surprised Kam didn't dump you out of your floatie...that is like his all time fav. thing to do...haha

  2. You always have the cutest bathing suits!

  3. Oh my gosh lizzie. I kept telling him that I wasn't his sister and he had to be nice to be because I am going to be his wife. I kept yelling over and over "I'm not your sister, I'm not your sister! Be nice!!!" His most prized memories of childhood are picking on you =) He loves his sister! And you are going to be mine soon too! Woop!

  4. Hahahaaha that is hilarious! :D

    I bet those are his favorite memories..what a turd :p lol

    yay! I get a sister :)