Friday, July 22, 2011

Awesome Find

So I have to share my thrifty find from today.  I collect vintage cameras.  It was kind of by accident.  Some friends of ours were given and had some old cameras laying around.  They knew I liked to take pictures, well actually they thought I was a professional photographer.  Not the case, but in their lives, I was big time.  So they gave me the cameras and my collection had started.  My mom dug up her and my dad's cameras they had acquired over the years and Kameron got me a really cool one for my(our) birthday.  Sprinkled around our apartment, I have about 7 or 8.  Not a big collection, but these things are hard to come by.

So today I was at a second hand store and there was this cute little Brownie Holiday just waiting for me.  I told myself if it was anything less than $20 I would buy it.  $8! Score!  So home it came.

When Kam got home from work I showed him my awesome find.  The best part about getting a new old (oxymoron!) camera is trying to figure out how to get the back open.  After some trying, I finally got it.  To my surprise, it had a used and ready to develop roll of film in it.  I cannot wait to develop that roll of film!!  And when I do, I will share with all you friends out there what comes out.  As long as they are appropriate...oh course.  So so stick'n excited about this!

Camping this weekend...I won't be doing much cooking.  Maybe I will blog about how to find a good weenie roasting stick and the proper way to burn said weenie over a fire.  Have a wonderful weekend!  Happy camping to me =) 

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  1. Awesome! I can't wait to see the pics from that roll of film!