Sunday, August 26, 2012

Party Animal!

This post is a week over due.  Sorry.  Last weekend we had our second baby shower, and it turned out really wonderful. My mom and our dear friend Lee Anne threw a beautiful party for our little guy at Lee Anne's house on the Satsop river.  One thing I have learned about myself in the course of these two baby parties, if I am not there to strictly take pictures, then I'm not going to have much to show after its all over.  Just like our first party, I failed to get pictures of the wonderful ladies that made this party happen.  I just get so busy talking, you know!  The weather in the area had been in the 80's and 90's for probably a week and was supposed to remain that way for about another week, so we had no worries for our outdoor, along the peaceful river shower. Right, thank you Grays Harbor!  It rained.  So most of the cute detials had to be moved inside before they were ruined.  But all in all, I think everyone had a nice time.  
1) The guess the birth weight 50/50 raffle was really fun.  I can't wait to send the winner their half of the loot!  2) Cute toys were everywhere through out the shower 3) My mom bought the baby an apple tree for our property.  I was SOOO excited! 4) You may remember my 31 week shadow pic.  My mom blew it up and everyone at the shower signed it.  Pretty awesome idea!  It surprised me.  I guess when she took it in to print it, the people told her it was a professional photo and they couldn't blow it up. Ha! I took it with my phone.

The bottom pic is Lee Anne's daughter Shannon.  She is about 5 weeks behind me.  Had to get the silly belly to belly shot.  Shannon is the best! And yes I'm wearing the same dress that as the other baby party.  I bought it at the beginning of this adventure for a wedding and the two baby showers.  It will probably pop up again too! 

Thank you to everyone who made the two showers happen and to every one who came.  This is going to be one loved little boy.  We are getting excited to meet him and introduce him to the world.  Much love to everyone!


  1. CUTE!! I love the guess the birth cool! Wish we could have been there.

    p.s. The same photo printing ordeal happened to me at Target weird/awkward. You take some good iphone photos, indeed! lol

    1. You can still get in on the Guess The Birth Weight if you guys want too! Its $5 bucks to guess. The winner takes half and the pot is around $80 right now. Kinda fun. Let me know so I can bring you a guess slip on SUNDAY!