Friday, August 3, 2012

A Baby Party!

Happy friday friends.  Last weekend was our first of two baby showers.  This one was hosted by Kam's mom and sister.  They put a lot of thought and effort into the details and the shower was beautiful and fun.  Thank you two so much.  I was too busy chatting with all our family and friends that I didn't take too many photos.  These are the best that I have of the details.  You can see more over here on Lizzie's blog.  She did a better job at taking photos than I did.
The shower was co-ed and I was so thankful it was.  It was so funny trying to open gifts and keep up with tear-and-throw Kam.  Thank you everyone who came and for all your generosity.  We appreciate everything!

So what's the plan for the weekend?  We are clearing out my recycled pallet armoire.  I love that thing, but we just don't have room for it anymore, so onto craigslist it goes.  We are also thinking about going to the peach festival, but may put that off until next weekend.  I also need to do a little fabric shopping for a few projects I need to start.  Just little stuff.  Anyways, enjoy your Friday and your weekend!

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