Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ground Steak Sandwich Goodness

So Kam and I had bought a pack of these nice looking round steaks, little fat, not too much.  6 in the pack, we bbq'd 2 for dinner one night and they were so tuff that we had to figured out what to do with the other 4.  So Kam came up with the idea that we should cook them up and grind them for sandwiches.  So thats what we did.  I even made some beer rolls to top of the deliciousness.  Plus I haven't really eaten in 4 days, so lets go all out on the last day of a dull 4 day weekend.  With the Nutella you can substitute the grinder for a food processor, I really don't think you can do that here.

What you'll need:
Cooked Beef (a roast, crap steaks, whatever you have.  Except ground beef.  Its got to be a whole chunk.  You could even use turkey or ham.  As long as you have around 2 pounds, use what you have)
3/4 cups mayo
3 tablespoons mustard (we used this sweet and spicy brown mustard.  It has a bit of a horseradish flare to it)
1/4 cup chopped onion
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper
1/4 cup sweet relish or chopped sweet pickles

We smoked our steaks with this little smoker box we have for our bbq.  You can't cook meat until its fall off the bone smokey goodness, but it will give it a little extra flavor.  You can cook and season the meat however you like for this sandwich meat, ours was lightly salted and a about medium.  Let it cool, cut into pieces, then grind it all up.  After all your meat is ground, run a slice of bread through the grinder to get all the loose bits of meat out.  It will just mix in.  Add all ingredients into a bowl and mix.  Done.  Slap as much as you'd like onto some bread.  Add a few more condiments, or don't.  Personally, I think its perfect as is.  Today I made patties with it and grilled them.  Then I toasted the beer rolls and we ate it like that.  Usually we aren't that fancy, just plain old soft bead is all you need.  Or just a fork.

 Don't mind that piece of pork, that ended up being a failed experiment. We smoked the steaks on the top rack.  They look a lot pinker from the smoke, the meat was much more done that it appears.

On the left is the grinder bit for the Nut Butter and the right is the size for meat.  I even have another with 4 teeth that would make an even chunkier grind.  Might try it for salsa.

See the bread.

Little dab of homemade Ketchup!

If do come across a grinder, be sure and place a bowl on the floor underneath just incase it drips.  You can also make really good razor clam fritters with one of these babies. This ground meat is seriously delicious.  This is childhood heaven.  Enjoy.


  1. Where did you find your little smoker box? At the hardware store? I must buy one!


  2. We got it and the wood chips at Lowes last summer. I have seen them at Home Depot too. I love to sit outside when its working its magic, the wood chips smell so good!