Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WWW Jan 4 2012

I made this vanilla extract label for one of my favorite people.  She gave pretty little blue bottles of wonderful vanilla extract as christmas gifts.  You can read her how to here.  I also made the cute header and background for her blog too!

Love this dress!!

I want to move here!

Has anyone ever used this stuff?

Is this for real?

Book I loved.

Kam and I paid the $5 bucks and watched this.  Totally worth it, love him!

How do I not remember this?  And I would like to own it now.

My christmas gift to Kam, I can't wait to get started!

Excited for this start!

Little late for a holiday to do, but I love my little deer and glitter so....

I want to work for a company like this (or start my own mini version!)

Over New Years, I was talking to my niece and nephew (who are 12) about what we would want to be reincarnated as.  We all settled on a sea turtle.  After watching this, I'm sold!

This entertained me.



  1. You so totally rock dude! They really are like the movie. And I think you should move there too

  2. So I am totally lovin the first 3 things on this list!
    -That bike dress is so adorable! I just got a skirt with cute little bikes on fun!
    -Olympia! Yes! Hair & shopping buddies for life!
    -Rosebud Salve Seriously get some! They have it at Sephora for cheap....I need to get some more of that stuff...I haven't had it in a few years :/ It makes your lips look so pretty and supple!