Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WWW Jan 11 2012

Best t-shirt ever.

I love this idea!

The name of this blog made me lol!

This ikea commercial is kinda old, but I still laugh everytime.

A most excellent give-a-way.


You've seen the typestache poster right?

Some of these animal photos are crazy awesome.

Does anyone else remember these cute little toys from when they were little.  I remember loving them so much!

I have done my fair share of business card design research, but I've never seen once quite like this!

Ok, thats all this time.


  1. Oh man, in San Antonio those confetti filled eggs were everywhere around easter time! They called them Cascarons and I got them smashed on my head one too many times...haha

    1. Really? I had never seen them before. I want to see you get a confetti egg smashed on your head! =) Does all the glitter stick in your hair? Did you ever see them filled with fruity pebbles?

    2. hahaha I get all cranky looking. And yes, whatever they are filled with gets stuck in your hair....not fun. lol

      Fruity Pebbles?!?! That's AWESOME! I want someone to smash it in my mouth!

    3. ahhahaha, I just got the best mental picture of you smashing Fruity Pebbles into your face! It looks like this: =(#) (get it. lol, I'm so dumb.)

  2. hahaha thats exactly what I would look like :)