Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WWW Jan 25 2012

I have been craving a BLT sandwich.  A well made one.  I think I'll start here.  Dinner is planned Kam!

The cutest prints.  I want to order some of this fabric so bad.  Love this shop!

I think this is awesome.

I might eat jello like this!

If I had a baby, I would totally buy this.  Or learn to make one.

I love these socks!

Kam and I are going on a date here soon.  Can't wait to try it.

Love these watercolor tattoos!

The State of the Union Address reminded me of this I watched a while back ago.  (good find Jo!)

I love these shoes.  Why does everything have to cost so much?  Time to save for spring accessories.


  1. I see Dirty Jobs in a whole new light after watching that. He has so much respect for the people and you can see it when he talks to them but it never stuck out to me before. My boss is from Ethiopia and when he goes back he brings us this crunchy barley snack with anise seeds in it. I guess I might call it Ethiopian popcorn. It's so yummy.

  2. Those tats are amazing! I have totally been wanting to try an Ethiopian restaurant......let me know how it is :)