Friday, November 25, 2011

Fortune Friday

This is an awesome fortune friday!  Earlier today I was thinking about the fact that it is friday, but I wouldn't be able to do a fortune friday post because of two reasons.  First, the photoshop file I use to do the post every week is on my computer at work, and second, I'm out of fortunes and need to either go eat some chinese food or buy a few fortune cookies from the bulk at Winco.  Right as I was finishing that thought Kam was walking in the house from getting the mail and handed me little hand addressed envelope.  It was from my mom.  And what did I find inside?  Two fortunes and a little note!!!  Don't you love it when things just unexpectedly come together like that?

Thanks for saving fortune friday mom!!! 


  1. We went to Panda last week and my fortune cookie said "You should try re-vamping your exercise routine" or something like that. Thanks fortune cookie for calling me fat, son of a monkey.

  2. Ah man, thats awesome...Mom to the rescue!!