Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yarn Balls

I just sat here for a full 2 minutes and tried to think of something other than balls to call these, but they're balls, made from yes, the title of this post will be yarn balls.  And, they are really cute and fun to make.  You could make a bunch of them and fill a bowl or vase.  I'm thinking I might make some really big and hang them inside the big tent at our wedding.

What you'll need:

Mod Podge
Different colored yarn or twine or any kind of string
Some sort of contraption to hang them from
close pins
pie plate

Mix 1 part Mod Podge to 2 parts water in your pie plate.  Unwind your yarn into the glue mixture.  You will want about twice as much yarn as you think.  For my first one, I probably had about 10 feet and it wasn't near enough to wrap around my balloon as many times as I wanted.   Besides, if you have too much, you can always cut it off once you have the desired look you want.  Blow up your ballon to the size you want and tie the end.  Make sure your yarn is fully soaked in the glue, then start wrapping.  Just tuck the ends under the layers of yarn.  Now, hang your yarn ball from your hanging contraption and let dry for about 24 hours.  You will want to place paper towel under the yarn because it will drip and splatter.

After they are dry, just lift the knot up and put a little slit in it to let out the air.  Try and hang onto the end, so that way you don't have to try and fish it out from inside the ball.

My hanging contraption (invented by Kameron). A long plastic spoon, shoved under a box in the cupboard  above our washer.  I could only fit two at a time, but it worked!!

Pretty fun little decoration, you could even mix yarn colors.  That is above my kitchen sink.  Have fun!

(update, Kam just suggested I call then Yarn Spheres. Balls is way classier, ha)! 

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