Monday, February 14, 2011

i heart u

Happy Valentine's Day!  Hope you have something fun planned with someone you love.  I do!  Kam and I got each other a gift and we are having an extra fattening yummy delicious dinner tonight made by yours truly. Baked mac and cheese will be involved per Kam's request.  I Wanted to post something cute and Valentine's Day inspired, so I made a little 8x10 print if anyone is looking for a little lovely for some random nook or cranny.  Or, shrink it down and make a card.  Do what you wish, hope you like it.  Have a lovely day!

Download PDF HERE!!!


  1. I wanted to print this to put by Maggee's changing table but you forgot the x...

  2. Oh geeze, I feel like a bozo! I need a personal proof reader to keep in my back pocket. It's all fixed up now. Thanks for spotting that Jo. I went onto the account where the files are stored and it said there were a few downloads. Oops. Sorry to anyone who downloaded! It's good now!!!!