Monday, February 28, 2011

Frilly Lamp Shade

I love this lamp shade.  I made it a while before I started this blog, but I really wanted to add it to my DIY so I thought I would do the same layering to this little glass light that I have on my night stand.  It's a cheapie that I got from Ikea a long time ago, and during some move it got cracked.  So, why not spruce it up a bit.

What you'll need:

Parchment or wax paper
Glue (plain ol' Elmer's works perfect)
Lamp shade
Pen Knife

First, you want to cut out your pieces of paper.  For the first project, I took my metal ruler and used that as my width guide as well ad straight edge to cut along.  I just laid the ruler over the paper and lined it against the edge of the paper and ran the knife along the other side of the ruler.  Then I cut those strips into 2 inch long pieces.

For the second lamp, I couldn't find my pen knife, so I tried just folding the wax paper in half, then half again, and agin until i was about an inch wide, then I folded that like an accordion into 2 inch sections, to give myself a guide for cutting with scissors.  It wasn't nearly as neat.  But I will post the step by step photos anyways.

Once I had a good size pile of cut paper, I ran a line of glue along one edge of a strip, and starting from the bottom and working around, I over lapped each piece half way. I let the first layer hang over the lamp shade about half, so about 1 inch was hanging over the shade. When you get all the way around, you will have to lift the first piece up and slide the last one underneath.

Make sure you pay more attention to the bottom of the paper than the top that it is lining up.  The top line (where the glue is) will get covered by the next layer or paper.  The bottom shows.

For the second row, you will want to start it so it covers half of the first.  Glue the second row all the way around, lifting the first strip and sliding the last underneath again.  Continue this all the way to the top.  The second to last row should be flush with the top of the lamp shade.  For the last row, cut the strips in half again, so they are one inch, and glue them around the top flush again with the top rim of the lamp shade.

Here was my last full sized layer, but I didn't stick it flush with top.  I should have, because you can tell when the light is on that they layer under the last top layer doesn't go all the way.

Done!  Isn't it cute!!!  Kam says it looks like a skirt.  Its probably a little too frilly for him (or any guy) but I love it!!  This is Dexter while I was working on the lamp, he was snooze'n in his favorite position.

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