Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WWW Dec 14, 2011

Is anyone feeling holiday pressure.  I am I am.  Not because of gifts, but projects.  Freelance projects, sewing projects, cooking projects...ok maybe one gift project.  We are going out of town for the weekend and then just a few more days and were off again for the holiday.  I saw this little print and it made me smile.  Cook christmas goodies with awesomeness!  And the rest of the stuff I thought was cool this week...

Yet another awesome plant thing.

If I used a money clip, I would order this one right now!

Kam and I have been looking at second hand stores for cheesy christmas sweaters, this skirt is ultimate!

This looks kinda fun.

Why do googly eyes make the simplest thing awesome?  Simple trash can, give it googly eyes, instantly transformed into something that makes you smile.

This is so cool!  Oh my goodness...

Love this DIY!

Cool new form of street art.

Cute christmas song.

Have you seen this?  Very inventive!

and this.

...k bye!

Photo Credit: Design Love Fest

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