Friday, January 7, 2011

and so it begins...

"Don't get your dress dirty!" basically sums up my life.  As a kid, all of my neighborhood playmates were boys, and with boys came mud and creeks and capture the flag and squishing bugs, which could all be accomplished wearing a pretty dress.  I remember yelling to my mom "Going to play with Jake" as I ran out the door, and hearing her call back as quick as she could "Brenna, don't come back all dirty" or "Stay OUTTA that creek!"  Which every time I proceeded to return dripping wet with some story how Jake had pushed me into the 6 inch deep creek, then held me down while the raging water rushed over my entire body soaking me from head to toe. 

Now that I'm 27, not much has changed. It may not be mud stains all over my dresses these days, but more a combination of tomato sauce, blue paint, Mod Podge, dog slime, and chocolate. These stains are the reason for the creation of this, baking, crafting, and just making anything.  At least thats my plan as of right now, while I type my first post.  By episode 25, we'll see.

To be continued.

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