Wednesday, June 26, 2013

8 months

And there went another. Time changes when you have kids.  First pic, then chat...

Hazen's latest and greatest...
Hazen is now sitting up like a pro. He's still isn't crawling. He will move his hands maybe 3 or 4 times, then decide he can get there way quicker if he just drags himself, and gives up. I think he could figure it out in about 10 minutes if he gave it a go. Over the weekend he finally got the hang of feeding himself. I saw him have the "AH HA!" moment when he realized if he opened his palm and moved it around, the food will likely fall into his mouth. So the past few days all he's wanted to do is eat. Practice make perfect! He loves all foods too. I have yet to find something he makes a funny face at. (other than the obvious lemons or something). I gave him a black olive the other day and it was no different than a graham cracker. Swallowed it down and wanted another. He's discovering he can make funny faces now too, which I'm loving. And he is also biting when he's not getting what he wants. Which I'm so not a fan of. He thinks its funny when you tell him no or move him away. Stinker. I've got to nip this one before it gets out of hand. Any suggestions?

On motherhood...
As much as I'd like to sit here and talk about all the wonders (good and challenging) of mothering a sweet little baby, which I had intended to do, I'm going to have to keep it short. As this new life moves forward, I always have so much on my mind and enjoy putting my thoughts down here for the few of you that take the time to read them. But I have to face something. This post has been sitting here for 3 days now with this section on motherhood waiting for me to return and sit for an hour and focus my thoughts. Here's what I have to accept. I am no longer the old me. I no longer have extra time. Blogging is no longer my hobby but rather a place to throw a couple of photos of my little pumpkin for family and friends to see. I am wearing so many hats right now that I'm for the first time in my life having a hard time balancing them. Full time mom. Full time employee. Wife. Freelance designer. Wanna be professional photographer. Crafter. Texter (which takes a fair amount of time). Blogger. Cook. Sleep. And then somehow fit in a shower and maybe some exercise. Oh and trying to put my house back together after moving from a small one bedroom duplex to a 3 bedroom house.

I have definitely am realizing right now that even as Hazen gets older, it doesn't mean that the old me is going to circle back around and have time for things, which I sort of kept waiting for to happen. People keep tell me that as he gets older, I will have a little more free time because he will start to entertain himself. Well my little boy, for the most part, likes to entertain himself, which you sitting on the floor watching. And, he's not much of a sleeper. So with all that said. I need to prioritize myself better. First to go, the thoughts of writing blog posts. At least for now. I'll still put up monthly pictures, but that will be about it. And the rest I need to sit down and decide what really matters the most right now and take off a few of those hats too. Because Hazen is only going to be this little nugget for so long. I need to enjoy him. So instead of using my (brief) free moments when he's napping to blog, I need to be more productive. Gah. Growing up.

Honestly. I'm not even going to proof read that, so pardon me for typos or sentences that don't quite make sense. If you want to seem more day to day pictures, follow me on instragram. brennawoody Now that I've said all that, I hope the stars align and the clouds part and I do end up with an extra hour here and there. But I doubt it.

And last, here are some recent photos I've been meaning to share.

Don't you just want to squeeze those ^ cheeks and forget all your worries. Until next time, dear friends. And time is a beautiful thing.

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