Wednesday, June 5, 2013

7 months

Better late than never. To be honest, I'm surprised I'm getting this pic up before he turns 8 months. Life is crazy for us right now. We are just finishing up moving to a bigger house in Spokane. I'll talk more about that hopefully on my 8 months post (if I manage to get that posted before he turns a year). So keeping this short for this month. No motherhood rambles. I'll save them up for next time. Here's the pic with a few Hazen updates to follow.
Mr Hazen man is no longer the roll over champ. He is now the scooter king. He's also up on his knees and doing the pre-crawler rock! So cute. Really close to sitting up on his own too.  Hazen is eating just about everything we eat, and loving it. He is starting to loose interest in the pureed foods. He is basically wearing 18 month old clothes and I need to go buy him some 5+ T socks soon. But with summer coming, I might just hold off. Hazen loves dogs. Every time Dexter comes around he gets so excited, and when you ask him where Dex is, he looks around the room until he finds him. He hates the car and loves to play in the water. He has cut 4 teeth now. None are all the way in yet. This last Saturday he actually cut 3 in on day. He was so miserable, I felt so bad for the little guy. And thats about all I can think of and have time for at the moment. Hope everyone is enjoying the pre summer weather. Off to unpack, run to Costco, sew curtains, hang pictures, chat with my mom, kiss my husband and play with my ever changing baby. Love to all.

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