Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tiny bubbles...

The time has finally come to an end.  We are retiring the Puj. What is a Puj you ask? Only the best infant bath tub ever for people with tiny apartments and little storage. And probably for people with huge houses and lots of storage too.  My Aunt Karen and cousin Jenny sent us the Puj for a baby gift and I have to say it is in my top five baby products so far. But all good things must come to an end and Hazen has just about out grown it.  So I took some pictures of one of his last tubs in the Puj. I thought I'd also share some of my other favorite baby products in this post as well.
Favorite baby stuff so far...

2. Infantino Sash - Mei Tai Carrier. We tried the Moby, but Hazen HATES having his arms covered or restricted, so he would just flip out every time I put him into the Moby.  So I bought this carrier on a whim because it seemed to give them a little more room to more and I still liked the wrap style carrier. Now, I'm pretty sure we couldn't survive with out it.  Hazen takes a 3 hour nap in it every day, which makes my life so much easier at work. Just pop him in there around 10 and he wakes up just before we zip home at 1 for lunch. Just make sure you don't skip that nap on weekends. I learned my lesson yesterday!

3. Footless, One Piece Body Suits. Like this, this and this. These are mostly all Hazen wears. They are my favorite baby clothes for him by far. Not that he doesn't wear all the other awesome clothes that friends and family have given us. Everything gets some love!

4. Teething Monkey and Giraffe. He loves his monkey that is just like the Giraffe, but made for Target.  They don't seem to have it online though.

5. Nasal Spray. Life saver.

...and of course the Bumbo, boppy and Johny Jump up among other things.

We go for his 4 month check up Thursday. Can't wait to find out how big this little guy is. Everyone who asks how old our little one is always gives us these bug eyes and says "oh, he's big." And I always respond, "do you see his dad?" 


  1. He is getting so big!!!! The 2nd to last photo is way too cute :)

  2. Awww, do you think his eyes will stay blue like that? Such a cutie.