Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 14th forever changed my life.

A little over 2 weeks have passed. I finally feel like I have things back in order and life as 3 is now casual and everyday.  Our sweet baby boy finally joined our lives, after 3 long days of labor and waiting, in the early hours of October 14th, at 1:43 am. After all that speculating that he would be a 10+ pound baby, he weighed 8lbs 7oz, which I was so happy about. He was 21 inches long and had a head circumference of 14". He was and is absolutely perfect. We named him Hazen.

Hazen was a week late. I wanted more than anything in the world to have my baby completely natural, no epidural or pitocin, without an IV shunt in my arm or anything strapped around my belly tying me to that bed. At one point during my pregnancy I got a little rude and bitchy with my doctor about it.  But of course, its the "policy" of my OB office not let moms go more than 10 days overdue, so on my last appointment before my due date I was scheduled for an induction on October 16th. If he came in the days leading up to that date, great, if not, then my 9 months of planning and metal prep were for nothing. To me, the idea of having a needle in my arm forcing my baby to be born and one in my back making me unable to feel what my body was doing made me sick to think about. It would be like going to a concert and getting stuck in the elevator.  You can sort of hear the show, but totally missed the experience.  My doctor didn't even want to let me go the 10 days because he was going to be such a "big" baby. But she wasn't going to fight it, probably just figured I'd learn my lesson when he got stuck and she was moving me to the OR for a C-Section.  I had to get my labor started, and I had just over 10 days to do it.

To make the long story short, and skipping the details no one wants to hear... Thursday, the 11th, I started having all sorts or random weird contractions that came and went with the day.  Friday was more of the same, only with a little more frequency. I was pretty frustrated by Friday night when we weren't in active labor yet and was feeling that Tuesday deadline looking over my shoulder.  Saturday morning I woke up early and went and sat with my mom and talked to her about the whole thing.  I was upset and decided to go snuggle back in bed with Kam.  Thats when it happened.  I cried.  For a good 10 minutes.  And as soon as I stopped, my contractions started coming 10 minutes apart.  I had tried every home brewed method to get labor started, my mom and I had walked about 10 miles over those 2 days, and the icing on the cake was a good ol cry. I had read somewhere that if your labor stalls at any point, try and cry to release more endorphins and labor may resume progress.  Worked for me! So that was 7am on Saturday, we headed for the hospital at 7:30pm and I was 7cm dilated, and Hazen joined our lives at 1:43am on Sunday. All drug free.

So that's a brief birth story on one of my now 3 favorite days! Mine and Kam's birthday, our wedding day, and now the day our sweet Hazen filled our hearts.  Now I get to overload this blog with pictures of my little boy.


  1. Oh man, I'm crying now. Love you guys!

  2. Well why the HELL didn't I think to come here sooner!!! I've been DYING to hear your story and see some pix, and was frankly a little worried, but now feel all better. Your little Hazen is adorable, and all-boy, isn't he?? I can't wait to see him in person. I'm going to show these posts to Tim in the AM, because he asks me at least every couple of days if I've heard anything about how you're doing.
    Good job, little Mama! Shannon had her baby two weeks ago, and we're all just lovin' on her, I tell ya.
    Take care of yourself, and come home soon so we can all gawk at you guys! We love you guys.