Friday, July 20, 2012

Lost but possibly not forgotten...

(Recent picture of my parents and I at my cousin's wedding)

Hello friends and family.  I have had you all on my mind lately.  I never would have guessed how many people would wonder why I stopped (or as I have been telling myself, took a break from) blogging.  I was actually really surprised how many of you questioned my silence.  Sometimes you just need to step back and gather your thoughts.  I guess I realized lately was how much I enjoy reading blogs from people I know or don't know.  I have a cousin who has two adorable kids who I wouldn't know too much about if it weren't for her blog, my sister-in-law's weekend goings, my best friend's sewing projects and not to mention all the inspiration gathered from people all over that I read about daily.  So I guess its no wonder people have been asking "What the heck I've been up to?" and "Why are you slacking?" And my answer would be, I just needed to.  So for this return from the break post, I'm going to keep it short.  I have some news and some things to share as time moves on.  Hope summer is treating you all well.  It's a little too hot here in Spokane for this no AC girl's likings, but Dex doesn't seem to mind sharing his pool with my feet.  Talk with you soon...

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