Wednesday, July 25, 2012

360 Degrees of Awesomeness!

We ordered our car seat last night!  This may not sound very exciting to anybody else, but let me explain why we are so super stoked about our new purchase.  We have/had a dilemma. We bought a Honda Element, which we love, but(!) the back seats are not baby lifting friendly.  If you have never climbed into the back seat of an Element, its a bit of a stretch/reach into the seat.  So lifting a 10 or 20+ baby in and out could potentially become a problem.  Especially for a momma's back.  Insert the Combi Zeus 360.
What appears to be a clunky old car seat is actually a work of genius.  It rotates 360 degrees!
After considering our options, and questioning if we were going to have to trade in our beloved Element for something more conventional, we discovered the Zeus 360.  Every other reviewer on Amazon said that they were considering getting rid of their Element too because of the same issue until they bought this car seat, and their troubles were over.  Obviously we don't have the baby yet to know for sure if this seat will be a dream come true for us, but I'm optimistic.  Bonus, we found the chestnut seat last night on sale for $110 off the normal price.  So thats why we finally bit the bullet and purchased the seat.  I will have to do a review on the seat after we have used it for a few months. Some of you parents might be thinking that we are going to miss out of the bucket type travel seat that you can remove and keep baby in while they are sleeping, and we know know we are missing this element, but you can't have it all I suppose. 

This post, my friends, will be continued....


  1. Maggs hated hers so much I couldn't ever use it for sleeping/carrying and it pretty much stayed in the car, so you might not miss out on much. She just went straight from the ergo to the carseat to the ergo, so it was only used for driving. And I'm so stinkin excited that you're blogging! I have a reason to check my reader now!

  2. That IS awesome and even more awesome that your Toaster will still work well for you guys :)