Friday, October 25, 2013

12 months

and just like that... a year flew by.



Here's some pics from Hazen's birthday and of lately. We had Hazen's Anderson/Rowsey family party on Saturday. It was a fun day. I didn't have too much spare time to create him a pinterest worthy party.  But I managed to bake his cake from scratch and create him some fun banners that I can hang every year on his birthday. So I didn't fail him completely on his first year.



This is the cake my mom made for Hazen's on his actual birthday. She has all of my Grandma Hazel's old cake pans that she made all the grandkids birthday cakes from for years. They are quite special and my mom is keeping that tradition going. Fun stuff!
Thank you grammas and grampas, aunties and uncles for the awesome gifts and memories from Hazen's first birthday. Heck, first year. The day before is birthday, I couldn't keep my mind off what I was doing at that time one year ago. And also thinking about the whirl wind of a year it was. It seems so overwhelming when you're in the throws of a new baby/new momma, but then I think back to my 3 am chats with 3 week old Hazen and I remember why I kept reminding myself to enjoy the here and now. And I did. Still am.

In the next day or two I'm going to post the last half of summer photos, including a fun shoot I took of my little big boy in the apple orchards for his one year photos. They're pretty cute.

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  1. He looks like a little boy and not a baby anymore. I'm going to cry!