Monday, August 15, 2011

Bead Lake Hike

We love Bead Lake.  It's just outside of Newport, WA, which is actually on the border of Washington and Idaho.  It's one of those towns that a street splits the two states.  One side of the road is WA and the other is ID.  But that's not the point of this post.  This was actually our 4th time to Bead Lake.  Twice we have just visited for a day hike, and twice we have hiked in and camped over night.  It's such a beautiful little spot, we can't help ourselves from visiting at least once every summer.

This time, we decided to hike to the end of the trail.  Kam had read somewhere that the trail is 6.2 miles round trip.  But when we hit mile marker 4 and hadn't reached the end yet, we were beginning to get tired, and still had to find the end and turn around and hike back out.  About a full mile of the hike is straight up. We eventually found the end, which was an amazing little camp site along one of the creeks that feeds the lake.  Then about a mile from the end of the hike we gave ourselves the ultimate reward....a nice cool swim in the blue/green water.  It's one of those lakes that you can open your eyes underwater and see everything around you.  I thought I would share a few photos.

We camped at this site last time we were there. 

This sign is at a group camp site.  It really is enchanting.

Our fearless leader.

Dex cooling off in the creek at the end.

I did not edit the color of this water at all.  It is really that blue/green when the sun hits it.

Hope everyone had a good kick off to their week.  I baked my 6th cake for cake pops for our wedding tonight.  Mocha's wonderfully decadent!!!  Our dinner tonight was super delicious, so watch out for that post.  Enjoy your evening, morning, or whenever you are reading, enjoy it!

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